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Choose from options that include Colorplus siding by james Hardie with a 15 year warranty on the factory installed paint finish.
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"Hardie retains the look of wood and also with the ColorPlus®, it’s all one uniform color. It’s just a much more attractive look."

Terry Taylor is a siding professional and recommends James Hardie products over wood-based alternative.

Finding the Perfect Color

James Hardie siding can be painted any color you choose, but with our ColorPlus® Technology, you’ll enjoy rich, vibrant color that requires very little maintenance and that will far outlast a field applied paint job.


With 50% more coats than a typical paint job, the color on our siding and trim provides impressive durability that will continue to look amazing without requiring touchups.

Baked On Color

Cracking and peeling is a problem with most paint jobs—but not with ColorPlus® Technology. Between each coat the finish is cured, so it won’t crack, peel, or chip.


ColorPlus® Technology won’t fade like vinyl and paint. It can endure the Georgia sun, and continue to look as vibrant as the day it was installed.

Fade Resistant

Most finishes will fade over time, but ColorPlus® Technology is designed to be able to withstand the typical hazards, such as UV rays, with the colors remaining rich and beautiful.

Consistent Application

You could paint our fiber cement siding, but our ColorPlus® Technology was designed to be a longer-lasting option. Multiple coats are applied and each layer baked on to the surface. This creates consistent color and durability you can’t get from a paint job.

Curated Color Palette

Not every color lends itself well to home siding, so our siding specialists have created a spectacular color palette that make it easier for you to select a color that will look amazing on your home.

The ColorPlus® Technology Warranty

The ColorPlus® Technology finish won’t peel, crack, or chip—we guarantee it. The 15-year limited warranty covers both paint and labor, so you know you’re covered!

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